General Membership

Would you like to join the National Historic Sites Alliance?

Membership in the Alliance provides financial support for maintaining our relationships with each other and allows for those who support our mission to benefit from being part of our organization. The membership fees are as follows:

National Historic Sites:
3 tiers are available depending on the type of National Historic Site:

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Students, friends and retirees: $10.00 per year


$25.00 per year

Businesses and other service providers: $650.00 per year

Alliance Ally:
Governments, foundations, non-profits, advocacy groups, benefactors and other organizations that are not businesses:

($125.00: 0–3 staff , $250.00: 4–10 staff , $500.00: 11–25 staff , $1,000.00: 26–50 staff , $1,500.00: 51–100 staff , $2,500.00: 101+ staff )